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Cops are the protectors and they are very much concerned about the people committing crimes but these cops are completely different from the real ones and want the girls to commit crimes so that they can take our their dicks as weapon and shoot the girls on their face with a heavy load of cum.

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 FakeCop are pleased to see girls committing crimes so that they can execute their plan and get laid with the girls. The girls are brutally fucked and the cops use this trick as a punishment, whereas sometimes they use it as a bribe to set the lady criminals free.

What does a real cop say when he sees crime, he would probably say do not create any nuisance and don’t let me use the weapon but these fake ones would love to go for the use of their cocks and pound the girls. The videos in this website are quite intimidating, the way these cops fuck the girls. But the videos try to keep up the realism and make sure the viewer’s enjoy these videos to the best. Even though the scenes are far from the real world cops but yet the actors leave no stones unturned to make sure they look genuine. There are instances where the guys dressed up as a cop would even confess that he isn’t a real one and was playing a trick to get laid with the girls and the girl do not pay any attention to it and want her pussy to be fucked hard and fast.

The models here are mostly from the United Kingdom and they have a British accent. The acting skills of the models are quite good and the dialogues might just amaze you as they are exceptionally well written. The videos in are also quite interesting and they can be watched again and again. There are not only the guys who dress up as a cop but there are women as well who come up as police and manhandle the girls as well as guys.

The videos in this website are mostly POV styled and these type of movies are loved by the people across the World. But there are movies shot from other angles too but they are equally pleasing and wonderful. These videos are of the best quality and these videos are available in high definition and are just awesome to watch. These movies are shot in POV or the other angles are shot with hidden cameras. But watching these videos it might give a feeling that a third party cameraman is also involved in these videos. The high definition videos are pretty good and have great playback quality. This website do not have any photos and it is completely understandable as it is site that uses hidden cameras. But the bonus websites are just awesome with various other websites helping FakeCop get the attention it is worth, even if this website is quite small in regards to its counterparts. Even though this website is quite small yet it is definitely worthy of visit.