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From the most respected artist and winner of erotic Oscars, Petter Hegre, here is a site that will satisfy your craving for hot nude girls. As you know, Petter Hegre is a traveler and his hobby is filming and photographing beautiful girls wherever he goes.

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In this site, he gives you the opportunity to tour the world with him and meet hot babes around the world. Whether it’s America, European or Asian countries, you will see him meeting some of the hottest babes in the big cities and taking the most amazing pictures that he can get. The girls are basically captured in glamour stuffs so you should expect softcore but very erotic and artistic content as a member here.

Peter’s site is well organized with the materials partitioned into a films and videos section. Massage themed content is also placed in a separate area and there are links to a models page, live cams and a few other links in the extensive menu bar.

I checked out some of the films and found the quality to be amazing. The newer films were particularly nice since they were offered in HD versions of the MP4 formats. Actually, these days they produce all their materials in MP4 formats with versions for downloading as well as streaming.

Hegre Art is also humongous in size and carries about 622+ films and over 4,050 picture sets. The films are mostly about 7 minutes or there about, but that is expected for a softcore site like this. As for the pictures, a set normally carry 20 to 60 images so this is a decent collection for picture collectors.

The other great section is the articles section where you can read interesting stuff about Hegre’s escapades on his travel missions. There are behind the scenes videos and pictures that come with each tour and you can enjoy them here as well. Updates used to come on a daily basis but they have now settled on a weekly update schedule so you can expect something new before your week comes to an end.

I am a die hard hardcore fan but sometimes I feel I need something gentle. In such moments, Hegre Art is one of the sites that normally come to my mind. This guy has an eye for cute girls with fit bodies and he always find a way to convince them to do a photo shoot for him. With the kind of experience that I enjoyed here, I will always think fondly of Petter Hegre and Hegre Art.